The truth behind the false floor covers that we can’t get out of our home

A homeowner who is frustrated with the way his home floor was covered after Hurricane Irma has found a solution: a laminate floor covering.

The homeowner told ABC News the product, which comes in several varieties, will prevent moisture from seeping through.

“We’re getting this stuff from a company called Bed Bath & Beyond, who we had previously had a few years ago,” he said.

“They said it’s going to keep the moisture out.

It’s a nice product.”

A spokesperson for Bed Bath Andamp; And Beyond said the company was not aware of any customer complaints about the product and was working with local authorities to determine if any complaints had been made to the state of Florida.

ABC News asked the company for comment on whether any customers had complained to them regarding the product.

The company told ABC affiliate WTVJ in Orlando, Florida, that its product has been tested and certified by the American Home Products Association, which states: “We use the highest quality materials available to provide you with the best floor cover.”

It is also certified by UL and CSA, which certifies products by certifying their performance against standards set by the International Association of Fire Insulation.

“This is a certified floor covering that we’re happy to recommend to homeowners and to those who are in need of a home floor cover,” the spokesperson told ABC.

The spokesperson added that Bed Bath andamp; and Beyond does not sell products that require a state license.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement told ABC it had no information about any complaints about this product.

“As an agency, we have a duty to investigate complaints,” the department said in a statement.

“However, as stated by the law enforcement officials in the news conference, it’s our position that the law is not applicable to this product, and we will not pursue this complaint in any capacity.”

The Department of Homeland Security told ABC that they had no record of any complaints being filed against the company.

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