When it Comes to Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Is Still the Best Source Bleacher Reporter title Epoxy is Still the Gold Standard for Flooring in America, But What About Your Flooring?

With the advent of modern technology and the growing demand for premium flooring, epoxy has seen its value skyrocket over the past decade.

In fact, epoxies are becoming so common that there’s a new flooring company making a name for itself in the epoxy world. 

So, with an abundance of epoxy flooring on the market, it’s not a shock that a new company, Epoxie, has come on board to bring epoxy-coated, highly durable, and durable-looking flooring to the market.

Epoxies’ epoxy coating is an industrial grade material that’s made with epoxy resin that is then mixed with epoxulite to create the high-density, durable, stain resistant coating.

The process creates a layer of epoxilite on the surface of the surface, creating an epoxy coat that’s much harder and more durable than the regular epoxy product. 

The EpoxiEscape Flooring is a great example of this product.

Epoxies flooring is so durable and strong that it will last for a long time and will not rust, which is why it’s being used by many construction and real estate professionals. 

There are so many different types of flooring that can be produced with a high-quality epoxy, and the EpoxeepoEscape flooring comes in many different sizes and finishes.

The EpoxyEscape is the company’s most affordable and durable flooring. 

Each of the Epoxy Escape floor plans are designed with the goal of offering a flexible and versatile product for the construction industry. 

For the full list of Epoxia products, click here.

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