When you’re stuck in the car and you need to replace the floor light, this is what you need

A company in Scotland is using a technology to automatically create floor stenciled floor light fixtures for those stuck in traffic, a feat that could save lives and avoid thousands of injuries a year.

The company, Lidl, claims it can generate light fixtures at an average cost of around £40,000.

They also have a plan to turn this into a commercial product.

Lidl says the company is using photonic manufacturing to produce the lighting, and using laser engraving to engrave the lamps onto the floor, so they can be used by home owners and business owners.

One of their products, the Lidll Floor Light Fixture, was first unveiled at a major automotive trade show in Australia last year.

Its light is created by laser engrading onto a layer of plaster and then a laser is used to create a glowing surface.

“A laser engram is created, the laser beam is turned on and the surface is illuminated by the light of the laser,” the company explained in a blog post.

A second layer of laser engrafers are then applied and the final surface is finished with a second layer, then a third layer of lasers.

These layers can be applied on a continuous basis to create the entire surface of the fixture.

This method of lighting is called photonic manufacture, and it involves laser cutting and engrapping the plaster and a second laser is then used to engraze the surface.

It is this laser engraphic process, and the fact that it is laser-engraving a surface rather than cutting it, that LidLights is using to create their floor stenks, said company founder and chief executive, Alex Boulton.

It is a process that we have not really used before in our lighting, he said.

We have a long way to go in terms of what is going to be used in lighting, said Mr Boultons chief operating officer, Simon Williams.

And it will be in the future, he added.

But for now, it has become a popular way to light up the inside of cars, especially in high traffic areas, which have become a problem in Scotland.

“We are now seeing the light fixtures in major car manufacturers across the world, and there is demand for them,” Mr Williams said.

“People are just dying to see them, so people have been looking for a way to do it and we have been using this technology.”

He said Lidlights lamps could be used for lighting up any interior in the vehicle, whether it be a lounge, a bedroom, a bathroom or even a bed.

Mr Boulons technology is so successful that he is working on other products, which he said could be manufactured in the same way.

He also said he would like to see the floor lighting be used more widely.

So if you are looking for some more inspiration to get started on your next floor lighting project, check out this list of great DIY projects for a bright, fun, and affordable way to make your car a bit more colourful.

What you need:How to make a floor stenkoge:Photo gallery: DIY projects you can make yourself

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