How to protect your child’s crib from hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can be extremely dangerous to infants and toddlers, and they can easily become tangled up in bedding and furniture.

Here are 10 tips for keeping your crib clean and dry.

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To get started, check out our infographic on the 10 things you need to know to protect babies’ cribs.

To avoid choking hazards, try to keep cribs as small as possible.

You can buy crib cushions that are designed to help keep your baby from choking on the crib sheets, and it’s important to keep your cribbed cushions at least 2″ (5 cm) away from the crib floor.

The safest place to place the cushions is under the crib, where you can see the crib bottom.

When placing the cushion, you’ll want to make sure that it’s securely fastened and will stay in place until your child starts crawling around.

A good rule of thumb is to make it as close to the crib as possible and don’t let your child climb on the cushioned section.

It’s also good to make your cushions small enough that they won’t accidentally get tangled up with the crib mattress.

Crib cushions should be removed after a period of time to allow your child to rest.

Keep the crib cushion away from all objects.

The cushions shouldn’t touch the floor and shouldn’t be touching any other surfaces.

You can also buy crib mats that are made of a soft fabric that will help prevent your child from falling on the floor.

You may also consider putting a curtain over your crib to keep the child from climbing on the bed.

To avoid choking dangers, use pillow caps and mattress padding that are as small and thin as possible, and make sure to keep them away from your child.

These items should also be kept away from any items that may have a tendency to stick to the cushing.

You may also want to use a bedding protector to help prevent any fall hazards.

Here’s how to make the best pillow protector.

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