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A $1.8 million Terrazzo Floor scrubber and terrazzano floor scrubbing system has been developed at a research facility in the UK.

The prototype system is the first of its kind to use terrazza foam, which is a soft foam that can absorb moisture, making it ideal for carpet cleaning.

The firm, Lidl, has worked with the University of Bath to develop the technology.

The system consists of two units that combine the functionality of a floor scrubbler and a floor floor scrubmer.

The floor scrubbery is comprised of a metal scrubber with a motorized base that uses suction to scrape dirt and grime from the carpet.

The base also has a mesh membrane, which can trap dust particles and prevents it from sticking to the floor tiles.

The scrubber uses a special type of microchip that allows it to recognize and detect dust particles in the carpet and act accordingly.

The two units have been designed with both a floor cleaner and a scrubber in mind.

The unit can scrub carpet floors using up to two hours of continuous cleaning time, according to Lidls website.

In addition, the units can scrub both floors simultaneously, which reduces cleaning time.

The first unit was tested on a laboratory floor, and was able to remove more than 1.5 pounds of carpet from the floor, according a report from the University.

Lidlr has partnered with the Bath Research Laboratory, which has developed a research program to build the system.

The research program will be used to develop products for use in the retail industry, Liddell said.

Terrazzo products are used in many products and can be found in supermarkets, grocery stores and department stores.

In the UK, they can also be purchased from furniture stores and health care facilities.

Liddl has a $1 billion (about $1,942 million) R&D fund, which was launched in 2015, with plans to invest in new products and technology, according Liddel.

It plans to start manufacturing its products in 2020.

“It is an ambitious project,” said Liddlen.

“We are excited about the potential of this technology and the fact that it can be used in the health care and retail industries.”

Liddls new floor scrubmers are expected to be ready for market in 2021.

The company expects to sell more than 500 units by 2021.

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