What to know about oversize floor lamp

A large-sized floor lamp may be the ultimate solution for the hardwood floor covering problem in your kitchen or living room.

However, it might be the wrong one for some people.

A new survey of oversize lamps in Australia found some people are using them to make a bigger space and some people aren’t.

Auckland University researchers have found oversize floors, or large lights with a height of more than 40cm, are becoming more popular with many households in Australia.

It is a big step up from the traditional lamp used to replace the larger lights used in the 1950s and 1960s.

It’s not surprising given there are more lights in homes than there are people, and people are spending more time in their bedrooms than ever before.

However, research from the University of Auckland found a majority of Australians were uncomfortable with using them.

The study found the majority of people were uncomfortable using oversize lights, but there was also a significant minority who were comfortable.

The research was conducted over a five-year period.

The majority of respondents were not comfortable using oversized floor lamps, with one in four people saying they would not be comfortable with a lamp with a size of more then 40cm.

The survey found that more than half of respondents said they would never use a lamp over 40cm in a household.

“Over time, we see that the oversize lamp market is starting to see more uptake and a more diverse range of products that are available,” Dr Sarah Wood from the School of Architecture and Planning said.

“It’s very exciting for those of us who work in the industry and are looking to market products that we know people like.”

“The majority are very comfortable with it but it is important to understand the benefits of it as a consumer.”

The survey also found people were comfortable with the use of larger lamps and larger dimensions in the home, with almost two thirds of respondents choosing oversize lighting for their living space.

The researchers also found a significant increase in the use and purchase of large lights.

Almost 70 per cent of respondents purchased an oversize light, with 36 per cent buying two or more.

The biggest spike in demand came in the study’s analysis of the largest lamps.

More than 80 per cent said they were satisfied with the size of their home’s lamps.

The use of large light is expected to grow in the future, with consumers looking for more lighting options to make space and more convenient ways to control their lights.

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